Our Mission

To help our clients to sustainably grow their business
at their best all the time.

Our Values

Passion is our workstyle
Ownership is our philosophy
Leadership is our confidence
Integrity is our belief
Trust is our charachter
Enthusiasm is our emotion

Our Principles

We are firm in our commitments.
We are your reliable business partner.
The Interests of the Clients comes first.
We enjoy and get inspired from what we do.

Where Nar&Co?

1. M&A and Restructuring

2. Seeking for partner and/or funding

3. Optimisation & Change Management

When Nar&Co?

1. Planning to enter new market/business

2. Business slow down & Leverage need

3. Lacking with optimization/change

Why Nar&Co?

1. Execution focused

2. Real sector experienced

3. Results tracking after execution

Welcome To Nar&Co

Nar&Co was found with the core belief of "improvement is necessity and this is possible only with right people". Success is result of improvement and sustaining a successful results is a difficult journey. We undertake responsibility of being your strategic partner with right people in this journey.

"Best Employee Of The Company" is our business model. This means we involve maximum one or two consultants to projects. They act as "Best Employee of Company". All of our consultants become from real sector with minimum 20 years of experience. They do not write a report and leave our clients alone, instead they do execution together with our clients. After finalizing the project we track the results via putting KPIs and attending in Boad Meetings of Clients to make sure that the results are and will be sustainable.
Managing Director | Turkey & Iran - Rashad Ismayilov